She also delivered the opening monologue and performed 'A-Yo.'

By Robyn Collins

By Tuesday evening, Lady Gaga fans knew the pop star was going to be joining James Corden for The Late Late Show segment “Carpool Karaoke.”

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But viewers got a bigger treat than they expected when the pop star showed up at the show’s opening as “Lady Haha” and delivered the opening monologue, which included obligatory Trump jokes. “Donald Trump is launching a nightly show where he will be streaming his campaign and instead of “little monsters” there are actually monsters,” she joked, then added, “The programming is really going to grab viewers by the balls.”

Acting as though he had to rush to his gig, Corden arrived on stage half-dressed and invited the singer to join the band to sing “A-Yo” from her new album Joanne.

Then it was time for Carpool Karaoke. The duo kicked it off with Ludacris’ famous lyrics, “Move b—-, Get out of the way” (“Move B—- Get Out Da Way”), then they did some not-so-choreographed dancing to “Perfect Illusion” and “Bad Romance” before Gaga took the wheel.

Corden rocked several of the singer’s past looks, completing the set as both wore the pink felt hat from the cover of Lady Gaga’s new album.

Check it out here:

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