#Ham4Bey blends two of culture's most potent brands.

By Hayden Wright

However favorably or unfavorably history remembers 2016, it will always be the year when Hamilton won 11 Tonys and a Pulitzer Prize, and Beyoncé released Lemonade. Bey and the cast of Hamilton have both been known to wade into the culture wars in this contentious political year. Those powerful pop forces were bound to meet somewhere in the middle, and a new mash-up of Beyoncé’s greatest hits with Hamilton‘s signature numbers brings them together in harmony.

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Get ready for snippets of “Alexander Hamilton,” “Partition,” “Helpless,” “6 Inch,” “Crazy in Love,” “Wait for It,” “Dangerously in Love,” “My Shot” “Survivor,” “Guns and Ships,” “Irreplaceable,” “The Story of Tonight,” “Countdown” and more. The mash-up was created by L.A. artist Michael Korte and arranged by Jared Jenkins. It’s called #Ham4Bey.

Watch the mash-up here:

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