The Hamilton creator and the Rock's affectionate (and not disdainful) satire of young adults in 2016.

By Hayden Wright

It’s hard for Millennials to catch a break in the media—much has been written about how suspicious, dismissive and critical other generations have been of the post-Gen-X boom. Plenty of older folks have written about why their suspicions, dismissals and criticisms are fully justified.

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Whether Millennials are a hopeless, screen-addicted, disengaged generation or the most creative and dynamic people you’ll ever meet is in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately for us all, Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton has written a brief musical about it and brought Dwayne Johnson aboard.

The 14-minute musical made its debut on The Rock’s YouTube page and captures the struggles, foibles, fashion and adorable tendencies of Millennials. It smartly balances fascination with gentle ribbing. It invokes start-ups, Facebook statuses, and other phenomenons of negotiating life as a young person in 2016. “Who needs a phonebook—it’s a waste of time!”

“Lin and I had so much fun making Moana that we decided to make a musical,” Johnson explains in a featurette. The genesis story is just as charming as the production itself.

Watch the the eclectic, satirical look at the Millennial generation here:

And here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how it all happened:

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