By Amanda Wicks

Vic Mensa traveled to North Dakota to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their peaceful protest to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from being built underneath their water supply.

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Mensa broadcast live from Standing Rock on November 27th, where he took 15 minutes to walk around the grounds and explain the situation to his viewers. “If we don’t stand now then who’s next?” he said, admiring the many flags that were flying in the area and the number of people who had already turned out in solidarity.

He mentioned how he’d visited Flint, Michigan, during their water crisis and how devastating that had been to the Flint community. “Anybody with a heart can’t want that to happen to the people here. Not after everything that’s happened,” he said, adding later, “There’s only so much that the earth can take.”

On Instagram, Mensa continued spreading the word, posting two photos and lengthy captions explaining the situation at Standing Rock and encouraging anyone and everyone to make their way to the area and stand in protest.

Mensa has long been outspoken about social justice and political issues affecting the country. Following Donald Trump’s election, he penned an open letter advocating for activism.

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