By Amanda Wicks

It looks as though J. Cole is gearing up to drop a new album next week, and one of the songs, “False Prophets,” may take aim at Kanye West.

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Although Cole doesn’t name his “False Prophet,” the track calls out a rapper who “tells us he’s a genius.”

The song focuses on how much Cole admired West when he first hit it big, but how it’s been harder and harder to continuing justifying his fandom. “He’s falling apart but we deny it/ Justifying that half a– s— he dropped, we always buy it/ When he tell us he a genius but it’s clearer lately/ It’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately,” Cole raps in one verse.

Beyond his disillusionment, Cole lays a hard and cold fact at West’s feet: ghostwriting. Earlier this year, Kid Cudi accused West and Drake of using ghostwriters to help with their raps. “The fake ones wont be lasting too much longer,” he tweeted. And Cole echoes that accusation in the lyric, “Maybe it’s my fault for idolizing n—– based off words they be rappin’/But come to find out, these n—– don’t even write they s—.”

The dig may seem poorly timed considering West was hospitalized earlier in November after he delivered a bizarre extended rant at his Sacramento tour stop and then proceeded to cancel the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo Tour. He was released on November 30th.

Check out the excerpt of “False Prophets” on

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