The group isn't going to sit idly by and watch others profit off their logos.

By Staff

RUN-DMC has filed a lawsuit alleging the wrongful use of the Hip Hop legends’ iconic logos and likenesses. In the suit, which names multiple retailers, legal representatives for the group allege that retail giants including Amazon and Walmart have either sold “RUN-DMC styled products” or have partnered with or allowed other businesses to sell infringing products on their online portals.

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The group claims trademarks that have been violated include their famous RUN-DMC logo as well as more subtle iconography including their signature fedora hats, gold rope chains and glasses.

According to Billboard, the group is “seeking $50 million with interest, as well as attorney’s fees, accounting of all sales of the defendants’ products that were advertised as being related to RUN-DMC or directly use its trademark and an injunction and restraining order against sales and promotion of these products.”

This isn’t the first time Amazon has been sued for allowing merchants on its site to sell products that infringe on others’ patents or trademarks. However, it’s not as simple a lawsuit has one might think. Forbes reports Amazon has been able to skate around lawsuits like this in the past as it claims that it’s not really responsible for what its merchants sell.

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