By Lucy Lopez

“The Bachelor Because” is an in depth Bachelor blog by #LucyLopez. Her opinions are her own.

On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, The Backstreet Boys stopped by to help Nick Viall on his quest for love ((Woof! That was awkward and fun at the same time. Nick looks as hot as he did back in the day & I’m proud to say I remember the words to all their songs.)). After surprising the ladies in the Bachelor mansion, the BSB fellas led a dance class ((This was painful to watch, because like maybe 4 girls could hold their own – while the others looked embarrassed and lacking rhythm)) as part of a group date and invited the women to perform as their background dancers during a performance that night. Danielle proved to have the most rhythm during the performance ((Danielle is on my TOP 5 list! She’s so pretty and with it! I adore her!))and won a dance with Nick while the Backstreet Boys serenaded them ((Oh man, Nick can’t dance…but WOW he was dying to grab on Danielle’s ass; which he did later in this episode on their little solo date. As a matter of fact, he slapped it while slow dancing.)). The episode also found Corinne throwing her sexuality ((Love this girl! She threw that “P” at this dude like it was a fresh PubSub. Also, this girl straight up slept through the rose ceremony cause she already had a rose & was like “meh” I can skip out! Other contestant were super pissed at this. They even sat Nick down during a pool party and were all like “This girl is NOT the girl for you” & he gave the “c’mon lady…you think that’s real?” ))at Nick (again) with some help from a bottle of whipped cream ((Hey ABC, don’t think I didn’t notice that Ready Whip cream commercial right after that scene! Good job selling that spot!)), which caused several ladies to question Nick’s intentions on the show.

Here’s a real heads up ladies, NICK is going for low hanging fruit until one of you grown ass ladies call him out on it. So SHOUT OUT to Vanessa from Canada… who was like “are you here for a wife or for a girl to eff around with?” – This season is lit for all the right reasons: Corinne, Vanessa & Daniel are just a few of them… so far.

Check out my take on The Bachelor  anytime a new episode airs or whenever Nick Viall says anything remotely interesting right here on!


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