By Amanda Wicks

Charli XCX appears in the new video for J-pop producer Yasutaka Nakata’s track “Crazy Crazy,” but not in the way you might think. Her face is superimposed upon a model’s body, creating an unsettling effect and winking towards the song’s title.

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At first, the visual, which also features kawaii artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, seems relatively straightforward. A keyboardist, a drummer and a singer perform “Crazy Crazy” in a room together, but the way the camera shoots each character from above or behind keeps their faces hidden. Once viewers begin to catch glimpses of everyone’s face, things turn strange. Charli’s face appears on the singer’s body while Kyary’s face appears on the drummer’s.

Charli wrote the track, according to The Faderbut when it came to recording it, she stayed in Los Angeles with Kyary worked with Nakata in Japan. Then he stitched everything together, much like he’s done with his past hits.

Watch Charli be both Charli and not Charli below.

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