The plaintiff is asking for $1.5 million in damages according to a new report.

By Amanda Wicks

A Donald Trump impersonator is suing Joey Bada$$ after an appearance they did together last year ended in injury.

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Joey took part in an MTV event that also involved Hillary Clinton and Trump impersonators. A video circulating about the incident shows Joey goofing around with Phillip Wilburn, who (as Trump) was twiddling with his cell phone. Joey pushed him offstage, but apparently, the move was done with more force than expected.

Now, Wilburn is suing Joey Bada$$ for $1.5 million in damages (via TMZ). He claimed the fall resulted in medical bills amounting to $1,000, and his injuries could require surgery costing around $25,000. Altogether, he anticipates he could lose up to $50,000 in income thanks to the time he’ll need to take off work.

Joey has long opposed Trump. He took aim at the 45th president and his administration on “Land of the Free” rapping on the track, “And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over.”

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