8 Signs She’s Cheating On You! ๐Ÿ’” #LucyLopez

  1. Sheโ€™s in her thirties. A recent study by extramarital cheating site Victoria Milan found that the average age women cheat is 36.6 years old.
  2. Her age ends with โ€œ9.โ€ Another study by cheating site IllicitEncounters.com found that people are most likely to cheat on their partners when their age ends with a nine (29, 39, 49, etc.)
  3. Youโ€™ve been together for seven years. The sam study found that seven years is approximately how long it takes her to get bored of you and curious for other, err, flavors.
  4. She fakes orgasms. A team of researchers discovered that women who fake orgasms fairly often are those who cheat on their boyfriends left and right.
  5. She has a cat. In one sample of cheaters that Illicit Encounters looked at, 25 percent owned cats, as opposed to only a teeny tiny 10 percent who owned dogs.
  6. She likes rock music. A study conducted by extramarital affair site Victoria Milan found that people who love rock music more than any other genre are most likely to cheat on their partner.
  7. Sheโ€™s a broker, a banker or a flight attendant. A survey of 5,658 ladies who are currently cheating on their partners found that 65 percent said they cheat at work-and that the biggest cheaters in the entire professional industry are financial brokers, bankers and flight attendants.
  8. Sheโ€™s blonde. According to research from the cheating site Cheaterville, blonde chicks are more prone to cheating.


This list is according to Maxim Magazine, a real source for knowledge.





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