"i used to just say you were s--- for fun. now im 100% convinced you're s---.”

By Robyn Collins

Deadmau5 has a new subject for his combative tweets. The helmeted Canadian emcee has singled out EDM duo, the Chainsmokers.

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“sorry, i just made the terrible mistake of listening to a chainsmokers song. at least the first 6 seconds of it,” the contentious EDM artist tweeted. “i was trying to do something.”

And he didn’t leave it at that. Deadmau5 tagged the ‘Smokers in his next tweet to make sure they didn’t miss his vitriol, “I ALSO NEED TO LEARN HOW TO UNROLL A SUIT@thechainsmokers i used to just say you were s— for fun. now im 100% convinced you’re s—.”

The DJ continued to spread the hate, slamming everyone in the Top 40. Engaging with one of his almost four million Twitter followers, Deadmau5 explained that he disliked everything he heard.

As the artist went on with his rampage mocking lyrics and rhymes, Zedd responded, “why u hating so much, Joel….. u need to eat a snickers.”

Joel Zimmerman (a.k.a. DeadMau5) replied curtly, “you need to shut the f— up.”

The Chainsmoker’s are not the only victims of the Zimmerman’s barrage of insults, he’s also digitally attacked DJ Khaled, Kanye West, Skrillex, Justin Bieber, Madonna and Arcade Fire.

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