Sources say Kim's crew stole money, slashed tires at her BET Awards party.

By Hayden Wright

A new report names rapper Lil Kim as a person of interest in a Los Angeles robbery investigation. The alleged crime was committed at a house where Kim was set to host a BET Awards party on Saturday night.

According to TMZ, Kim and her entourage arrived at the house late last night and surveyed the party. Unsatisfied with the accommodations, they turned to leave and “demanded their money back from either the owner or property manager.”

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When those parties declined to refund Kim’s money, LAPD sources say someone called the cops. Because the dispute was a civil matter, law enforcement reportedly did not intervene. Later in the night, TMZ reports that “a group of people showed up at the house with ski masks and weapons,” seizing Kim’s deposit check and cash—for a grand total of “at least $20k.”

The report’s law enforcement source also claimed robbers slashed the victim’s tires and stole a hubcap. A subsequent robbery investigation has named Kim and her crew as persons of interest.

Kim’s representatives declined to comment on the TMZ report.

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