But you can still find him on Instagram.

By Jon Wiederhorn

Ed Sheeran recently expressed how bemused he is by all the haters who have taken to the internet to spread venom his way. Earlier this month, he said he wasn’t going to read anything else on social media about him, and now he has deleted his Twitter account.

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The “Shape of You” singer made the move after droves mocked his cameo on Game of Thrones on the social media platform. This isn’t his first tussle with Twitter. He spent all of 2016 away from the site while he worked on his latest album Divide. During that time his accounts were still active, he just didn’t read them. Now, his Twitter handle is gone.

Only time will tell whether Sheeran will make peace with tweeters enough to further plug his October appearance on a music-themed episode of  The Simpsons. Sheeran will play a character named Brendan who gets into a love triangle with Lisa Simpson and Nelson Muntz.

“This year continues to be equally surreal and amazing,” Sheeran posted on his Instagram account, which he has not deleted. “Watch out for this one, me and Lisa have a whole thing going on.”

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