Justin’s Tour Members Are Not Happy

Justin Biebers tour team is not taking sorry for an answer, they are highly upset he let them down without any type of warning. Yesterday, he decided to cancel the remainder of his Purpose tour for pretty much no reason except he is tired…. Well, that didn’t go over too well with the members of his tour. According to a source, the new rumor now is that he cancelled the rest of his tour in order to “rededicate himself to Christ,” which obviously has tour members livid. “He is such a brat” says one member of his tour camp. Justin is leaving out the fact that he just had a month off where he spent it in Cali partying and having fun, I guess a month isn’t enough time off to finish the tour apparently.

Justin let down about 200 crew members, not including thousands of die hard fans. The fans will get a refund but the crew is now left to find a new source of income which is another reason why they are so upset. No notice, a horrible excuse and now no money! This story just keeps getting more and more ridiculous! Sorry Justin, but I am not on your side on this one! The singer made it seem like he has had no time off since the tour kicked off but a month off for someone his age is more than enough! Wonder what the new excuse will be tomorrow….


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