Blac Chyna Wants To Be Like Nicki Minaj?! 😏 #LucyLopez

TMZ is saying that Blac Chyna doesn’t just want to be in music videos anymore like the one she did with Nicki Minaj, she wants to BE the new Nicki Minaj, and several record labels are jumping at the chance to make it happen!

Several sources close to & TMZ are saying: Blac Chyna tell us she’s entering the music game and is already recording in the studio. As for what type of music … rap, “poetry music” and traditional singing.

Who’s to blame for this.. us .. the city of Miami! Why cause she’s was down there shooting a Music Video with Nicki Minaj… with Yo Gotti… and she got all inspired… and it’s our fault cause our city inspires crazy people… and there you have it… this is our fault! Why do we have to be so inspiring? Why do we have to be so beautiful and full of good things? FACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS OUR FAULT!!!!!! FOR ONCE… we can’t blame the Kardashians!

BUT there’s a silver lining to this mess… Chyna’s not into diss tracks…so don’t expect any crappy songs about Rob Kardashian. 

BUT wait… what if she can sing/rap/perform??? and we all become fans & Global Warming comes to an end & kids in South Florida don’t get homework anymore? all because Blac Chyna becomes a super star?

Damn, this could be a good thing! #SaidLucyLopez


Gratuitous Blac Chyna Selfie cause we deserve this torture ….


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