Secrets Bartenders Actually Want You to know @jppower96

Just in time for the weekend, Buzzfeed asked bartenders to share secrets that they actually want everybody who comes into a bar to know. Here are 10 (check out the full list at the link):

“‘We’re out of mint’ directly translates to, ‘I don’t want to make your f**king mojito.'”
“Don’t flirt with your bartender if you wouldn’t flirt with your dry cleaner or even your doctor. I’m selling alcohol, not sex.”
“Yes, we are talking about you. If you do something weird, the entire staff will know about it in less than five minutes.”
“Yes, I treat my regulars really well. Why? Because they’re REGULARS. I can count on them for steady business and I see them every week, so, yeah, we have a good relationship. You want to be a regular? Come in more, even if it’s just for one drink before you go somewhere else! Talk to me, talk to other regulars. It’s a LOT easier than you think to be remembered at a bar. And yes the benefits can include a discount, free shots, and the bartender remembering your drink order and having it ready the second they see you.”
Save martini-style drinks, blended drinks, and complicated drinks for slow nights or dinner events. If you are at a nightclub the ingredients for your cocktail should be in the name of your drink (e.g. rum and coke, vodka tonic, gin and soda). Keep it simple, pay cash, and know what your ENTIRE group wants before the bartender gets to you.”
“I work at a high-volume bar. If you wave money in my face or try to yell at me to get my attention, you’re at the back of the line.”
“If you tell me to ‘make it a strong one,’ I’m putting a few drops of booze in your straw and making you a drink of 90% juice.”
“We know exactly how much you’ve had to drink and when to cut you off, so if you think I didn’t see you order five shots with another bartender after I served you a rum and coke, you thought wrong.”
“We communicate everything behind the bar, so if you’re being a jerk to me, everyone behind the bar is going to know. The same applies if you’re being really nice to me.”
“If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to drink in a bar.”

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