FPL Hurricane Relief Rebates A JOKE!!! #IvyUnleashed

So many people here in South Florida were super excited to hear that Florida Power And Light were giving rebates for the food that went spoiled in our refrigerators, as a result of losing power during hurricane Irma! HOWEVER, this info unfortunately is NOT TRUE! Below is and email directly from da boss here at Power 96 with the information we were given in regards to the FALSE rebate. Whoever started this rumor, YOU SUCK!!!! lol

“Unfortunately, there has been false information spread that FPL will reimburse customers for food losses as a result of Hurricane Irma. This is not the case.

FPL does not reimburse customers for food losses as a result of any natural disaster, including hurricanes.

Please let your viewers know the rumor that FPL is reimbursing customers for lost food due to Hurricane Irma power outages is false. Please see some points below that you can share in your coverage.

· FPL is not responsible to pay for spoiled food from any act of nature that is out of our control, including hurricanes.
· If you heard from another source or a third party that this is something that FPL would pay for, that is false rumor – we do not.
· As an alternative, some homeowner’s insurance policies may allow for recovery of spoiled food after natural disasters. Check with your insurance company for your specific information.”

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