By Ya Chica Ivy

Cardi B is over “beaches” hating on her, and this girl ain’t holding back! This girl went on IG to make an Instagram video to shoutout the “beaches” she loves and call out the ones she believes needs to “figure it the f–k out.” And she went off for literally 56 seconds saying the word like 16-18 times! (we think) lol Hey, that’s Cardi B for ya!

“A lot of b-tches f-ck with me. You know, a lot of b-tches show me love. A lot of b-tches showing me love. And I love my b-tches. I love me a lot of you b-tches. But a lot of b-tches is mad though. A lot of b-tches is mad. And I be seein’ it, but you wanna know something b-tch? Don’t be a, ‘Why her and not me’ type of b-tch,” she added. “Be a, ‘How can I get next to that b-tch?’ type of b-tch. Be a, ‘Shit well if she can do it, I can do it too’ type of b-tch. Don’t be a, ‘Oh why that ratchet-ass b-tch,’ because b-tch, God chose me bitch. I don’t f-cking know why and sometimes I don’t know how. But I’m here though b-tch. The f-ck? Figure it out. Figure it the f-ck out. F-ck I’ll figure it out, b-tch. Sh-t.”


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