OMG!!!! Beyoncé's Body Snapback Is INSANE!!!!
Can't Believe Pharrell Admitted He DOES NOT Do THIS! #Wow #IvyUnleashed
Beyonce And Jay Z Named Their Babies!! #IvyUnleashed
BEYONCE DELIVERS TWINS With Complications?!? #IvyUnleashed
Chrissy Teigen Talks PPD! 😥 #LucyLopez
Baby Fever For The Legends!
And Baby Makes ….3?
Katy Perry Did WHAT?
A Hilarious Way To Realize Whether or Not You Are Ready To Be A Parent #Kmarie
Move Over North...#AfrikaOnAir
Shakira Says WHO Is Going Through Her Garbage!? #UB #KMARIE
#Jp Baby Viennaooooh baby

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