Utah Nurse Gets $500K for Arrest Over Unconstitutional Blood Draw @jppower96

November 1, 2017
Nurse Alex Wubbels will receive $250,000 each from the Salt Lake City Police Department and the University of Utah after a cop assaulted and arrested her for refusing to unconstitutionally draw blood from an unconscious patient this summer. The Washington Post reports that the settlement precludes Wubbels from filing a civil rights lawsuit. "Was a lawsuit off the table? It was never off the table," Wubbels, head nurse in the University of Utah Hospital's burn unit, said at a Tuesday press conference. "But I also feel like, as a whole, we need to heal from this, we need to move on, we need to progress, and I feel that we've come to a place where we can have that conversation where we can do that." She added that she plans to use the money to raise awareness about workplace violence against nurses, as well as providing free legal aid for open records requests. On July 26, Officer Jeff Payne (who ultimately lost his job) handcuffed and arrested her after she explained that drawing blood from the unnamed patient would be unconstitutional because Payne did not have a warrant and the unconscious patient could not give consent