Charlie Puth Is Dating WHO?!?! Plus, Halsey Was Caught Kissing A Rapper!!!! ~@JayOnAir

November 5, 2017
Ever since Selena Gomez was spotted with her old/new boo Justin Bieber, it seems like more couples are coming clean about who they're dating. These two new couples may come as a surprise so hold onto your seat and keep reading!!!! First up is Charlie Puth. He's been very secretive about his love life but he just confirmed he's been dating a former Glee star. Watch the video and see who it is!!!!! Next up is Halsey. Now, she is another one who has been hush-hush about who her boo is but I think we just found out at a recent concert. You see, she invited G-Eazy on stage, he performed 'No Limit' and she covered a little of Cardi B.'s verse.  After the performance, let's just say they didn't shy from some SERIOUS PDA!!!! *WARNING--VIDEO CONTAINS PROFANITY* Check out the video TMZ got of the two below.