Is Mariah Carey's Boyfriend Her New Manager? @jppower96

November 10, 2017
Page Six is reporting that Mariah Carey’s boyfriend, backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, may be managing her career. Insiders are dismayed. “This is a full-on Britney-and-Kevin Federline situation,” one source tells the publication. “Bryan is a backup dancer, and knows nothing about managing an iconic artist.” Another source adds that Tanaka is responsible for Carey and manager Stella Bulochnikov parting ways, but says that he’s “definitely no Tommy Mottola.” Carey’s rep denied that Tanaka is her manager, as did The New York Daily News, which reports that BET head Steven Hill is helping Carey form a new management team. Still, the first Page Six source doesn't see this story having a happy ending. “Mariah is in love with Bryan and is like a schoolgirl around him. He has totally manipulated the situation to take over her life and push out everyone else, and Mariah just can’t see it.”