Thanksgiving Thoughts. @thelucylopez

November 20, 2017
My Thanksgiving hunger subsides once I start thinking about the treatment of Native Americans. You know, the people forgotten on a holiday that's meant to celebrate family. Here are some of my favorite excerpts talking - Native Americans. "In a new poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, more than 1 in 4 Native Americans say the quality of their drinking water is worse than in other places. From 1944 to 1986, mining companies blasted 30 million tons of uranium out of Navajo land. When the U.S. Energy Department had stockpiled enough for the Cold War, the companies left, abandoning 521 mines. Since then, many Navajo have died of  conditions linked to contamination." Let's not forget this gem; "Nebraska regulators allowed the Keystone XL oil pipeline to clear its final major hurdle, granting a victory to President Trump and Republicans who have for years pressed for the project.  The three commissioners who voted to approve the permit, all Republicans, said in a written opinion that they were very cognizant of the “impacts to the natural resources of the state,” but that there was “no utopian option” and that building the pipeline would bring economic benefits to counties along the route." Damn.  "Last year, thousands of protesters, mostly Native Americans, gathered near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation to  protest the Dakota Access oil pipeline’s path through North Dakota, at times clashing with law enforcement." I couldn't even pick from this article...  How can you help? Here's a great site that helps Native American Children further their education  Help Lakota Indian School Here . On this site I learned that, child poverty and abuse are serious issues on Indian reservations. By supporting St. Joseph's Indian School, you are helping Native American children in need regain pride in the Lakota (Sioux) culture by learning the Lakota language, studying Native American culture and healing the broken family circle from which they come. Lakota (Sioux) children in need escape extreme poverty and abuse when they attend St. Joseph's Indian School. Isn't this A M A Z I N G?!!!!!! Take take a moment out of your holiday and understand what we did and what we're still doing.           411 PAIN is a nationwide network that connects people with experienced attorneys to get their lives back on track after an auto accident or slip and fall.  Learn more at