All Donald Trump Wants For Christmas Is Some New Fake Teeth!

December 7, 2017
All Donald Trump wants for Christmas is some new fake teeth! On Wednesday, the President was mocked for what appeared to be loose dentures after he weirdly slurred his words while giving a speech about Israel. "Trump slurs constantly now and today was extreme," one Twitter user wrote. "He's struggling to enunciate so much that he bounced his bridge out or dentures loose." While a White House spokesperson attributed Trump's slurring to dry mouth, a Virginia-based dentist told The Daily Mail, "[It] sounds like a loose denture plate." Meanwhile, the hashtag "#DentureDonald" is burning up Twitter after The Daily Show's Trevor Noah urged viewers "not" to tweet it because Trump is a "shenshitive" guy. Wrote one fan, "#DentureDonald needs a molar investigation," while another tweeted, "Shoutout to the White House employee who watered down #DentureDonald's Polident glue today." [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]