You Will Not Believe Where Beyoncé Was Spotted!!!! (Pics) ~@JayOnAir96

December 10, 2017
First Former First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted out with the secret service at this famous retail store but it seems Bey likes it just as much!!!! Yep, one lucky shopper recognized the singer out picking up a few things with her mom and daughter Blue Ivy in tow.  She was seen in the baby section perhaps looking for something for the twins???? It seems as though she didn't like being recognized because you can see her putting up her hand as if saying 'No pictures please!' Can you believe our girl Beyoncé goes to Tarjay (fancy pronunciation of Target) just like you and me?!?! Don't blame you Bey!!!! Gotta stretch those millions!!!! Click the tweets to see the pics for yourself!!!! But what would your reaction be if you ran into her at the store?!?!