Sad Day...Our Thoughts And Prayers Go Out To Maroon 5

December 23, 2017
The multi-platinum group Maroon 5 just received some heartbreaking news. The group just loss their longtime manager, Jordan Feldstein. Jordan was the group's manager since they got together which was over 15 years ago. To make this even more crazy, Jordan is the older brother of well-known actor, Jonah Hill. According to a family statement, Jordan was experiencing some shortness of breath while at home. He called 9-1-1 and when the emergency crew got there Jordan was already in full cardiac arrest. He died shortly after. He was only 40. Wow. Jonah nor Maroon 5 have made a comment about the passing of Jordan. This has definitely got to be a hard time time for them especially with the holiday season being here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Maroon 5, Jonah Hill, their family and friends during this very difficult time. Got a black and white pic of him below from OutKast's Big Boi Twitter account. According to the tweet, Jordan was also Big Boi's manager.