Iggy Azalea Releases "Savior" Featuring Quavo: Listen

February 2, 2018
By Jon Wiederhorn Iggy Azalea has returned with the new song “Savior,” which features Migos member Quavo. Related: Iggy Azalea Preps Comeback Single ‘Savior’ with Quavo The track starts with lyrics from the Lisa Stansfield song "All Around the World and then contrasts an offbeat keyboard line with a straightforward electronic beat. Iggy compliments the music by switching between melodic vocals and rapid rap lines. In the pre-chorus, Iggy sings, "My heart beats for you only/ Wonder if you even know me?/ Countin' down every moment that I waited for ya, waited for ya/ Wonder if you even notice/ Baby I been feeling hopeless/ Easy to lose focus, but I'll wait for ya." Quavo's heavily Auto-Tuned chorus is simple, but it's the centerpiece of the song, and is bound to become a sing-along for fans: "I've been looking for a savior/ I've been looking for a savior/ I've been looking for a real one to hold onto/ I've been looking for a savior." Check out lyric video for "Savior" below: