Ava Max’s Definition of Being Successful Is About Standing Out From the Rest

Ava is all about loving who you are

August 7, 2020

Ava Max, the pop queen behind multiple dance bops has always advocated for being your true authentic self. From creating music unapologetically to blocking out social media hate, Max is adamant that success and self-love truly stem from standing out from the crowd.

During an interview with Dr. Chris Donaghue on RADIO.COM's, I’m Listening Live Ava shares her own journey to finding authenticity within who she is. One physical attribute that Max equates to finding her true sense of self is her hair.

For Ava, her asymmetrical hairstyle is a visual representation of her self expression. “When I cut my hair like this, once again a lot of people gave me hate on the internet… but it's no one’s business. You do you, wear what you want to wear, look how you want to look… I think it's important to express yourself the way you want to,” declares Max. She continues to explain that her hair is symbolic of having the freedom to do your own thing. Others should not be constricted by conformity.

Ava discusses that finding who she is an artist and finding her confidence did not come easily. She’s had to work hard at it, and oftentimes the titles of her songs reflect the self-discovery she is engaging in. “Hashtag who’s laughing now guys,” Max slyly laughs. She continues by telling us that her new track “Who’s Laughing Now” is all about “people who tried to stop my career, people who tried to stop me from working as hard, trying to veer me in a different direction, try to tell me that I’m never going to make it.”

Watch more from Ava Max on her new track below.

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