Billie Eilish Teases 'My Future' Due Out Next Week

Billie took to Instagram to reveal her new music

September 28, 2020

In a week filled with new music from Taylor Swift, an engagement announcement from Demi Lovato, One Direction posting on Instagram for the first time in four years, and a baby bump reveal from Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish just dropped the cherry on top to this week in music.

The “everything i wanted” singer shared a nonchalant Instagram post where she reveals to fans that she has a brand new song coming out on July 30. Billie simply tells us, “‘my future’ out Thursday.” The mysterious post depicts Eilish on a rooftop, in a mask, with the sunset and smog-tinged Los Angeles sky peeking through in the background.

The somewhat ominous title of the song leads viewers to believe that “my future” will reflect on the current state of society during the pandemic, while Billie shares her artistic take on how she’s been creating through quarantine.

In February of this year, Eilish released her single “No Time To Die” for the upcoming James Bond film. Her new song coming next week, will be her second single released in 2020.

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