LEGO Unveils 'Friends' Set for Show’s 25th Anniversary

August 9, 2019

The cast of “Friends” has officially gone to pieces … LEGO pieces!

In honor of the show’s upcoming 25th anniversary, the toy company has revealed they will be launching a 1079-piece commemorative set inspired by the iconic NBC series, according to E!.

LEGO shared the news with a video showcasing many of the set’s pieces and included the caption, “Could we BE any more excited to build Central Perk?!”

The “Friends”-set will feature minifigures of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey, as well as the café’s beloved orange couch.

There’s also 15 coffee mugs, a newspaper, a stage incase Phoebe wants to perform “Smelly Cat,” and even a replica of café manager Gunther, should you need better service.

The main cast also comes with accessories such as Chandler’s laptop, Phoebe’s guitar, Rachel’s coffee tray, Monica’s muffin and Joey’s pizza.

And to make sure all your mid-90s dreams are realized, Rachel even sports her legendary namesake hairdo.

Fans will have to wait until September 1st to get their hands on the Central Perk set, which will retail for a very reasonable $59.99.  How you doin’?

LEGO’s announcement joins the slew of other brand’s getting in on the show’s 25th anniversary.

As previously reported, Must-See TV enthusiasts will be able to visit an immersive “Friends” pop-up experience in NYC starting September 7th.

In addition, Pottery Barn is already selling home goods inspired by the series, while the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has a line of Central Perk caffeinated beverages.