Meghan Trainor Launches 'Live From Home' Tour, Donates to Restaurants and Hospitals

The GRAMMY-winning superstar on her personal connection to nurses in COVID-19 crisis

April 13, 2020

Meghan Trainor is going on tour - virtually. The GRAMMY-winning singer, songwriter, and producer just launched dates for her “Live From Home” tour, which include a performance from “The Kitchen.” The tour then moves to “The Couch,” “The Bedroom” and the “Backyard,” along with an appearance on CBS’ The Late Late Show.

The performances will each air on various social media platforms in an effort to raise money for Feeding America.

Trainor talked with RADIO.COM's Christine and Salt from 96.5 TIC, about her "Live From Home" tour and discovered she's doing more than just concerts. She's putting her money where her mouth is, literally. Meghan announced she's also donating 50 lunches per day to five area restaurants as part of the station's "Feed a Hero" fundraiser.

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This COVID-19 pandemic is hitting Meghan close to home, as her beloved Aunt Lisa is a nurse at a Los Angeles hospital where her co-workers are being hit hard by the virus. "She calls me all the time to tell me how horrific it really is... you feel helpless and... she's literally wearing trash bags on her body because they don't have enough gear and her coworkers are passing away and so are her patients. So I was like we gotta do something."

So what Meghan did was gather her team and partner with Feeding America to help families who have lost jobs and need help feeding their children and help frontline heroes who need food to keep saving lives. But she didn't stop there. Meghan pledged to help Hartford area heroes in their time of need too.​​​​​

"I am donating 50 lunches for the next 5 days, supporting those small businesses and everyone who's risking their lives everyday," she exclaimed.

Meghan has been making the most of being in self-quarantine by dying her brother's hair silver and sharing it on social media. "One morning my brother was like, 'hey bleach my hair' and I was like well let's do it for a good cause!" So the duo recorded it and released it while pointing viewers to the website Feeding America.

Meghan is a natural with her Instagram stories and posts, so much so that Christine thinks Meghan will end up with a permanent gig on TV.

"That's on my bucket list, that's my dream, to make a huge family... like 10 kids and then drive down to work go on my show, write a couple tunes... come home pick up my kids from school put them to bed. That's my bucket list of dreams."

Regarding her latest single, "Nice to Meet Ya," off her album Treat Myself, Meghan admits it's an accidental quarantine anthem, with lyrics talking about being true to yourself and seeing through the surface of the skin.

View the full Zoom interview above, and be sure to watch for a surprise appearance from her hubby, Daryl.

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