EXCLUSIVE: Y2K Wasn't Planning on Being an Artist, but 'Lalala' Made Him One Anyway

Getting to know the mind behind one of the summer’s top trending hits

September 23, 2019

“I was never planning on being an artist, but here I am,” Y2K admits, almost resigned to his own success. “What’s up guys, I’m an artist.”

Along with bbno$, Y2K has turned a boasting earworm of a song into a viral hit, exploding on TikTok and taking the top stop on Rolling Stone’s Trending Chart in July. The simplistic melody, which Y2K admits he loves “making things as low brow as possible,” is inescapable. But behind that hypnotizing tune and flexing verses is a brilliant marketer, accidental star, and 12-sided die slinger who doesn’t take any of it too seriously.

“I hate to burst anyone’s bubble with this, but my name Y2K means absolutely nothing,” he tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive interview above. “I just picked it. It’s three letters. It’s very catchy, looks good.”

Looking to get a better understanding of Y2K, we asked for three things we should know. “Honestly I really got nothing,” he protests, before actually telling us a lot. “I’m just gonna start saying things. We have a Dungeons & Dragons weekly group at my house. My roommate Louis is the dungeon master. I play a wood elf named Rogarou. We’re currently on an island called Trall trying to get rid of an evil demon entity that’s currently living in a cave. He opened up a rift that’s been causing some problems in the area. So once we get through that, who knows what’s next.”

“As far as two other things,” he breaths out heavily. “You might have to cut it there.”

After that expressive detailing of his campaign, and a look into the construction of Y2K’s infectious tune with bbno$, he dives into some of the non-traditional ways they went about promoting the song.

The duo “didn’t really have a lot of money to allocate towards marketing,” so they took to different channels like Tinder and telemarketing. “We got real creative, which is why you’re seeing all the crazy ways that we marketed it.”

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On EBay, and Craiglist, and beyond - Y2K and bbno$ pushed their tune to captive consumers that got something different than what they came for. “I think we were just trying to put things out there uniquely,” Y2K adds. “Who knows how effective any of that stuff was, but if anything we’re talking about it now so it worked.”

To hear more from Y2K, including his dream collaborators, check out the full video above.