Tinashe Ex Ben Simmons Is Dating Kendall Jenner (#FlyGirlDiva)

July 8, 2018

How ackward would it be running into your ex at a night club with his new chick on his arm? Very ackward I would say?! This is exactly how Tinashe felt running into her ex boyfriend Ben Simmons. 

As a matter of fact Ben is now dating Kendall Jenner and Im sure Tinashe may feel some type of way. Anywho, TMZ caught up with Tinashe and she revealed that he was texting her while at the club with Kendall!

Check out the video below


However, Ben did clapback at Tinashe after seeing what she said 

 TMZ, Ben "called Tinashe out" after seeing their video, and "she admitted she made it up and created unnecessary tension." Sigh, who KNOWS what to believe at this point.