27-Year-Old Goes Viral After Marrying Best Friend's 54-Year-Old Dad

October 22, 2018

An Arizona couple is going viral after going public with their head-scratching May-December romance. Wife Taylor Lehman met her now-husband, Kern Lehman, because he's the father of her 30-year-old BFF, Amanda. “I thought he was very handsome," says 27-year-old Taylor about 54-year-old Kern. "When we first met, I worked with Kern’s daughter; she was my best friend and he was married at the time...At the beginning, my parents were kind of concerned, my mom was upset that this was my friend’s dad, but they know I’ve always dated older men." Taylor and Kern tied the knot in May, meaning she's now her BFF's stepmom. She adds that she loves how they make heads turn, comparing themselves to Michael Douglas and younger wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. "[Zeta-Jones is] brunette and he has silver hair, like us, but Kern is way better looking than Michael Douglas," explains Taylor. "People have told us...that we are a very striking couple."