Face A YEAR In Prison Doing For "In My Feelings Challenge"

July 30, 2018

Doing rapper Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge in Egypt may land you behind bars! Up to a year!

The so-called KiKi Challenge involves people getting out of a car and dancing to the song while the car is moving alongside.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry says that while it’s fine to do the dance for fun, obstructing traffic could draw fines of up to 3,000 pounds ($167) and a year in prison, the Ahram Online news website reported. If the dance results in injury or death, the case could be referred to prosecutors, the portal quoted the ministry’s spokesman as saying. Arrest warrants were issued on the ground that the dancing endangered the lives of others and offended public morals, the newspaper cited the prosecutor’s office as saying in a statement. think TWICE beofre doing this challenge! lol