Thief Arrested With Diaper Clad Monkey On Chest!

June 11, 2018

In Florida Friday, police approached a stolen vehicle that had been driven into a ditch by 23-year-old Cody Blake Hesson. But Hesson wasn't the only living being in the car: He was accompanied by his pet capuchin monkey, Monk, which was wearing a diaper and clinging to Hesson's chest when police helped him out of the car and arrested him. The Miami Herald reports that Hesson wasn't licensed to own the pet, so police let him say his goodbyes to Monk before hauling Hassan off in a cruiser. "The deal is that the capuchin is going to have to go to a sanctuary here, temporarily, until you figure out if you can get your licensing stuff squared away and if you can get it back," an arresting deputy told Hession.