Virtual Tip Jar: Power It Local, Power It Forward (Branches)

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May 18, 2020
Virtual Tip Jar - Power It Local, Power It Forward

Power it local, power it forward with the Power 96 Virtual Tip Jar!

This week we highlight Branches! Branches serves, educates and inspires people through student, family and financial wellness services in partnership with our communities! We need YOU to keep serving! If you are still employed, if you are doing ok financially, please think about all those families suffering. Many cannot find the money to pay for basic necessities. For example, cell phones are being shut off which makes it harder for those parents’ children to have access to the internet and learn. 

@ivyunleashed chats with our local charity of the week :: @branchesfl :: They’re on a mission to end generational -- poverty in our community by providing educational services as well as addressing the immediate needs of families {food, financial assistance and more. } For info on how to give help or be helped go to ➡️POWER96.COM⬅️

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We are so appreciative of all our #funders and #donors. Because of you we are able to serve the Miami-Dade #community during this time when we are needed the most. We are humbled to share our #COVID19 efforts with you all. Thank you for your #support!

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For more information on Lotus House CLICK HERE



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