Cardi B Was Gonna Steal WHAT & You Won't Believe From Who?!?!

August 5, 2018
4/26/2018 - File photo dated 29/11/17 of Cardi B, who has reassured fans she will still be working her "ass off" despite cancelling a number of live shows due to her pregnancy.

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Cardi B's circle has changed. She's now hanging out with The Kardashians!!!! In fact she was invited over to Kris Jenner's house with Kim Kardashian West. All three took a pic and Cardi B posted on IG. Typical Cardi B left a caption that makes you realize you can take the girl out of the Bronx but you can't take the Bronx out of the girl!!!! LMAO!!!! Here's the caption... "Im officially apart of the rich people club!! I’m not poor anymore mwaaaaahahahaha!! P.s I’m selling one of @krisjenner napkins on eBay!!" Oh Cardi