Laurel Yanny Debate Started By High School Freshman

May 17, 2018

The whole Laurel Yanny debate was started by a high school freshman named Katie Hetzel in Georgia who got the audio off for the word "Laurel".

So technically if you heard Laurel, you're correct.

The debate started because the student heard Yanny. None of the other students could agree.

She posted it on instagram, people started re-posting it and there it went!

The reason some people hear "yanny" instead of "laurel" has to do with how the audio was recorded, what type of speakers you listen to it through, (your phone, computer, car speakers, headphones) etc. What you EXPECT to hear and which frequencies your brain hears depending on your age! Crazy, I know. It's crazy how something so simple and silly can cause the entire world to freak out!