Twitter Feud: Lil Yachty VS Deadmau5

May 16, 2018

Lil Yachty and Deadmau5 exchanged insults on Twitter late Monday, after Yachty posted a PSA about wanting to create an EDM song. The mess started when the rapper tweeted, "I wanna do a big EDM song and perform it at one of those festivals. Which EDM DJ tryna make it with me?” When Deadmau5 responded with, ”I’m good. Thanks,” Yachty wrote, "Didn’t ask you in particular bitchn**ga.” Fellow EDM producer Diplo also offered his two cents, telling Deadmau5, “I don't think he was asking you. He said he wanted to do a big song.” EDM artists including Alison Wonderland, Ookay, Snails, and Party Favor also joined the conversation to tell Yachty they'd like to collaborate.