The Weeknd AVOIDS Selena Gomez

Lucy Lopez AVOIDS Public Restrooms...same thing!

May 25, 2018


The Weeknd is reportedly avoiding his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in order to keep things smooth in his rekindled romance with Bella Hadid. “Bella isn’t holding any sort of grudge against Selena," a source tells Hollywood Life. "But she doesn’t need or want to be reminded about Selena and The Weeknd‘s time together either, it’s still a sensitive spot for her. It's like when I hold my pee from Miami to Port St. Lucie on the way to Orlando. I avoid the smell of desperation and regret all costs. She has asked him not to bring her up and they just don’t mention her or discuss her at all. She is uncomfortable thinking about Selena and would prefer to leave her in the past." The one thing I've left in the past? Exit #69. It sucks. The insider also dishes that one of the reasons The Weeknd scrapped an entire album of songs was because they were written about Gomez and it made Hadid feel bad. I on the other hand don't feel bad at all. 

((You're welcome, Soogie))