Virtual Tip Jar: Power It Local, Power It Forward (WeCount!)

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April 19, 2020

Power 96 knows you want to help and we know who needs it the most!

Power it local, power it forward with the Power 96 Virtual Tip Jar!

Each week we’ll be highlighting a new charity in Miami with the hopes of getting their message spread and donations made directly to those most vulnerable in our community.

This week learn more about WeCount! WeCount! advocates day in and day out for the lives and rights of immigrants and workers in South Miami-Dade. The Immigrant Worker COVID-19 Fund will provide direct financial assistance to undocumented and immigrant workers and families excluded from COVID-19 stimulus and relief and help them pay for groceries, rent/mortgage, utility bills, phone, Internet, or medical costs.

-- WE COUNT -- @thelucylopez chats with our charity of the week “We Count” - who serves and supports our local immigrant workers and families (who have been excluded from any stimulus relief) with basic essentials such as food and medical costs -- Head over to and click on our #VirtualTipJar to learn more, help/donate or even BE HELPED! #HereWithYou #Community #Power96 ______________________________________________________________Facebook ➡️ WeCount Twitter ➡️ WeCount_FL Web ➡️

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For more information on WeCount! CLICK HERE



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