Justin Timberlake Surprise Appearance

JT Surprised Everyone At A Miami Club After His Concert

May 20, 2018

Christopher Polk/Getty Images


Justin Timberlake was here in South Florida for two shows for his "Man of the Woods" Tour this weekend.

Of course he hit it out of the park. So you think he would of gone home after his concert.

Nah! Justin made a surprise appearance Saturday Night at David Grutman's Story in Miami. The party was hosted by who other than Diddy.

Justin Timberlake was relaxing at a closed off part of the club but then came out and grabbed the microphone where everyone could see him. He sang "Holy Grail". He really got the crowd excited!

Check a bit of the performance here with the link below: (Credit TMZ)

Watch now: http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_9gw9u3i7/