Grace VanderWaal

EXCLUSIVE: Grace VanderWaal Shares Biggest Career Accomplishment

Grace VanderWaal is talented far beyond her years, and it turns out just as wise. We asked for your questions for the America’s Got Talent winner, and you delivered. Thousands of fans wanted to know everything about Grace, but today we’re focusing on self-care and taking care of each other. Ideas...
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1THING: Dave Matthews, Grace VanderWaal, Blink-182 on How They’re Saving the Environment

We’re rounding up some of our favorite artists to share how they’re saving the environment. While the Dave Matthews Band is presenting some extra stiff competition with their amazing humble brag of becoming UN Goodwill Ambassadors, everyone is contributing with their 1Thing to save the environment...
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Grace VanderWaal Reassures Fan With Self Doubt

Grace VanderWaal is wise beyond her years. In the video for her song “ Stray ,” the 15-year-old sits in the desert contemplating life, and now she’s ready to share what she’s come up with with her loyal fans. “You only go as far as you believe you can go,” Grace begins in response to the first of...
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